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About Thunder Bay Adventure Trails Club

The Thunder Bay Adventure Trails Snowmobile Club joined NWOSTA District 17 in 2012.  Originally formed in 1990, the Adventure Trails Club was developed for promoting a safe winter recreational activity in the community and still follows these guidelines today.


The club maintains over 300 kms of trail, starting from Kakabeka Falls you can reach Gravel Lakes, Shabaqua and Silver Mountain. From these trails you can head westerly connecting to the 7 other clubs in the District as well as reaching the Manitoba Border.


In 2015 we are pleased to introduce a new section of trail; the L108.  This new section of trail will create a loop between the L110 trail (to Gravel Lakes) and the L107 (to Silver Mountain).  This new section allows for riders to have three different loops in our area, all at different lengths.


For Trail Status please visit the interactive guide on the OFSC webpage


Staging Areas

Thunder Bay Adventure Trails offer riders many places to park and ride for the day or their weekend adventure.  These areas include:

Kakabeka Hotel, Kakabeka Falls Park, Shabaqua,

Silver Mountain Station, or the Odena Gas Station in Kakabeka

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